Monday, June 18, 2012

Gettin' my Math On!

Wahoo! What a chapter!! :)

I really enjoyed the chapter, "Using Guided Math to Create a Classroom Environment of Literacy." I found it so packed of really great information, and now my head is spinning with all kinds of ideas of ways to set up my classroom and really create a classroom environment that values numeracy. Since I have been in the music classroom since 2002, this is my chance to start completely from scratch, and I'm so excited! I read the first chapter, and participated in the Stixy discussion given by Beth at Primary Inspired. My actual question to all of the posters there was how to set up my classroom to build numeracy in my students. Asked and answered!
Here are a few thoughts I had for those who've read or are reading the book:
1. Building a classroom community: We are a family! I love the value of respecting every single opinion and building on them. We learn so much more when everyone puts their thoughts into the mix. It gives me a chance to see how each little brain works!
2. COMMUNICATION: not just for literacy and LA classrooms! I loved the comment that when students stop to think about what they are saying and how they are communicating, their comments are more focused. This fits in perfectly with the "Quality Questioning" we are doing in our school! Teachers must allow a "wait time" before they accept any answers (and no blurting!). It's actually really difficult to do initially, but gets great results!
3. The whole "label everything" and having a designated place for everything made me giddy. I'm just sayin'. :)
4. I loved the idea of having actual measuring tools handy to use while in whole class or small group instruction was a great thought. Measuring cups, rulers, etc really enhance the students' comprehension of what they're hearing.
5. Anybody have a great list of math related children's literature? I am new to the math classroom and need some ideas. What are your favorites??

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  2. I just got my guided math book also. I have nominated you for two awards come on over and claim them.